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Lori Clarke

Lori and her husband Dale Clarke are the proud owners of The Vault Coffee & Espresso Bar.

Lori's love for great coffee started at an early age when she was allowed to drink percolator-brewed coffee (with two highly coveted sugar cubes!) for special occasions at her great aunts' house. It stood head and shoulders over the instant coffee that was served at home (Sorry, Mom and Dad!).

While living in France and travelling to other European countries where espresso-based drinks are king, she developed an immediate and insatiable thirst for cafe au lait and cappuccino. Sadly, she could only afford espresso most of the time.

Baking has long been one of Lori's favourite pastimes. Mixing up batches of oatmeal cookies with her grandmother, and baking cakes with her great aunts are cherished childhood memories. She still remembers desperately wanting an Easy Bake Oven as a child, but never getting one. Her mother forced her to "make do" using the kitchen oven, which in hindsight, she admits was not such a terrible hardship after all. Her time in France gave her a strong appreciation for pastries that are as delicious as they are beautiful.

Please note: none of our house-made pastries were baked in an Easy Bake Oven!


Dylan is the enthusiastic junior manager at The Vault Coffee & Espresso Bar.

For most of his life, Dylan never thought much about coffee or European-style desserts. He had more interest in familiar American desserts like cookies, cakes, ice creams, as well as anything that had chocolate in it.

When Dylan started drinking coffee, it was more important to him that it was convenient to prepare, than to make it an outstanding beverage. Thus, his first few years of coffee drinking was acquainted with filter-brewed coffee, always with milk, cream, and/or sugar to hide the taste.

After finishing secondary school, Dylan discovered that he had a hidden talent for preparing food, which led him to enhance his culinary skills at Fanshawe College in London. He gained an appreciation for preparing (but more importantly, eating!) European-style desserts.

It would soon follow that Dylan became acquainted with espresso-based coffee beverages. Staying true to his childhood palate, his favourite drink became the cafe mocha.

Now, Dylan considers himself a connoisseur of desserts and coffee, and skilled at preparing both.


Jenny is the assistant manager at The Vault Coffee & Espresso Bar.

Jenny has been honing her baking skills since she first was introduced to her family's signature recipes. Through these recipes, and the joy they bring, she has developed a love for all things baked and a constant desire to see the look of pure bliss on people's faces when they bite into something delicious that she has created.

Jenny's passion for baking has filled most of her dreams throughout the years.  As soon as she heard about The Vault opening in Fergus, she knew that she was the perfect fit.

As for coffee, one of Jenny's happiest memories with her sister is taunting their mother's caffeine habit by kicking their feet and chanting "coffee coffee coffee" whenever Mom drove past a sign for that ol' production line coffee shop.

Jenny's tastes, and her family's tastes, have evolved to appreciate the fine hot beverages offered at The Vault. 

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